Career After Learning Corel Draw: Jobs & Opportunities

Corel Draw is a vector graphic software. It is abundantly used in print media for making creative designs and layouts. A career in Corel Draw happens to be an ideal choice for those who aspire to be a part of the print media in the future.

The Corel Draw software comes with a lot of design features. And to work with Corel Draw, it is quintessential to learn such skills. To make good use of the Corel Draw career opportunities, you should learn the features of:

  • Contrast Adjustment
  • Color Balancing
  • Application of Special Effects
  • Bordering & Editing

Apart from the features mentioned above, a Corel Draw artist needs to work with multiple layers and multiple pages. Being a robust graphics suite, it also facilitates to edit graphics with the in-built features of the software.

A pivotal reason why the top leading print media agencies accept Corel Draw is because of its versatility. Although the software is primarily designed for Windows, it can also be operated in systems like MAC, Linux, and so on.

Therefore, it is quite evident from the facts discussed that Corel Draw career opportunities are innumerable. As long as there are print media, there will be a need for expert Corel Draw artists to make creative designs and layout.

Today, the market has become competitive, and so has the media houses. It indeed happens to be the need of the hour that the expert Corel Draw specialists should join the print media and cater to the requirements seamlessly.

In this article, we will discuss in brief about the promising career options in print media for Corel Draw experts. A general idea about the possibilities for a career in Corel Draw can is as follows:

  • Logo Designer
  • Business Card Designer
  • Brochure Designer
  • Letterhead Designer
  • Pamphlet & Flyer Designer
  • Magazine Designer
  • Flex & Banner Designer
  • Poster Designer
  • Menu Card Designer

In the fellow paragraphs, we will discuss in brief about each of the options for a career in Corel Draw, as mentioned above. Let the discussion start.

Logo Designer

Today, almost every other commodity is identified by the brand and its logo. But ever wondered from where the logo comes? It comes from a media house and is designed by a Corel Draw artist.

The need for logo and branding is consistent and ever booming. Therefore a print media never run out of logo designing works. And as a result, logo designing can be a promising career in Corel Draw for aspiring individuals.

Business Card Designer

From CEO to a sales executive, a business card can be a quintessential component for every department of an organization. It is a piece of paper that carries vital information about the organization and the role & responsibility of the card bearer.

Therefore, there lies a massive responsibility for those who design business cards professionally. Talking about career in Corel Draw, this is an option where you can either work freelance or associate with an agency as a salaried employee.

An additional benefit of this job designation is consistency. Every organization keeps on hiring new employees consistently. Be it a replacement or the other joining, the requirement for business cards remain continuous, and that’s too in bulk amount.

The market never saturates thus for the designation of ‘Business Card Designer.’ All you need is to collect the inputs from the client, collate them, and escalate them through the software with your expertise.

Brochure Designers

As said earlier, jobs for Corel Draw are innumerable in options. And the designation of Brochure Designer indeed is one of the pivotal choice amongst them.

Brochures are mainly needed for educational institutions, schools, colleges, B-schools, and coaching centers. Also, several companies have their handouts to display their products or services.

Now, in the case of educational institutions, the brochure is never a one-time investment. As the course pedagogy and curriculum changes with time, so changes the content and structure of the advertisement.

Also, in the case of business organizations, the product range and offerings may change with time. So an old brochure holds no value in that case. Therefore, a new booklet is always needed, even if there is a slightest change or modification in the offerings.

So, from the discussion above, it is clear that work opportunities and scopes never stop for a brochure designer. You keep getting assignments from both existing as well as new clients, sustainably with time.

Letterhead Designer

Organizations use letterheads for all official documentation and paperwork. Therefore, designing an impressive and presentable letterhead is not a matter of joke. It needs strong skills and expertise.

However, you can choose this designation as an option for a career in Corel Draw if you are confident in your skills and expertise. And to gain that confidence, you need to improve and hone up your skills in Corel Draw & its applications.

Pamphlet & Flyer Designer

Pamphlets and flyers are mainly destined for visual communication through mass distribution. Therefore, it must be inclusive of cutting edge design and drafts, which create an immediate purchase impulse.

So if you are a pro in Corel Draw and looking forward to a career in print media, this designation welcomes you with open arms. You can play with your creative thoughts and execute them through print to let them come alive and material.

Magazine Designer

One of the most versatile options for a career in Corel Draw is the role of a Magazine Designer. This is a role where an artist can make good use of their creative ideas to the crux of excellence.

A magazine designer is not only responsible for creating robust designs but also involves a lot of other creative aspects. They need to play with the layouts, work with color schemes, and create multiple variants of innovative design as per the requirement of the clients.

Also, the work of a magazine designer is extremely versatile. Ranging from the genre of food, fashion, sports, entertainment, and all the others, the layout, content, and color scheme keeps on changing. So, as a designer, you never get bored of doing monotonous work.

Flex & Banner Designer

Perhaps the most convenient and traditional form of promotion I the history of marketing is flex & banner. No matter how online and digital development made its way, old always remain as gold.

As a designer, you can work seamlessly with Corel Draw and design blueprints for flex and banner. As an option for a career in Corel Draw, this is a designation, where consistent workflow prevails. Also, you get frequent new assignments to get rid of boredom at work.

Poster Designer

Posters are something that we always come across in our everyday life. Honestly, almost every offering and consumables in the market are promoted through posters.

Form FMCG to Film Industry, posters are needed everywhere. Therefore the opportunities for poster designers are never-ending and versatile. A poster designer, perhaps, gets the most variety of creative to work with.

As a career in Corel Draw, this is a designation where you never face boredom at work. Your every day at work differs from the previous day. And also, the media houses remain in constant search for expert poster designers to maintain the demand and supply gap of the deliverables.

Menu Card Designer

Menu card is no more just a list of offerings today. Restaurants are now competing with each other with innovative ideas, and of course, the menu card is one of them.

An attractive and alluring menu card not only creates a positive impression about an eating joint but also intrigues the purchase impulse amongst the visitors. Also, it readily creates a perceptual image of the place.

In recent times, the numbers of restaurants are beyond the count. And with every passing day, the numbers are increasing consistently. So, it is inevitable that there remains a dire and constant need for innovative menu card designs at all those places.

As a career in Corel Draw, this is again something, which you cannot ignore. The job role and responsibility involves creative idea and innovation. And also, it helps to select a career that is beyond the stereotype and related directly to the versatile F&B sector.

What are the Opportunities for Selecting Corel Draw as a Career?

Now, as we have gone through a detailed discussion about the job roles and responsibilities of a Corel Draw artist, we should have a brief insight on opportunities as well. And honestly, opportunities are vast.

Once you make your mind and choose a career in Corel Draw, you eventually select the path to a robust career ahead. Here, you can choose the way you want to work, apart from a plethora of job options to choose from.

  • Work as A Professional: Once you select Corel Draw as your career option, you can easily make way to the print media as an artist. Corel Draw artists can work in close association with the creative team and perform seamlessly to cater to the requirements. This helps to build your profile in the industry, and you can grow consistently in the long run, while choosing a career in Corel Draw.
  • Work as Freelance: Even if you are not comfortable with the regular office chores and timings, you can choose to work from home as a freelance. A career in Corel Draw comes with this advantage too. You can manage your working hours as per your own and take up projects as per your choice. A freelance Corel Draw artist can mint out money, with their skills and experience.
  • Start Your Agency: Once you build a strong portfolio of your own, you can think ahead to start your agency, as well. Having your agency means you are the boss of your own. And perhaps, this can be the most independent option for a career in Corel Draw, to choose. Once you open your agency, you eventually become a brand name for you and your work. Gradually you start building contacts and end up cracking big deals. So, apart from being the regular office employee, this can again be a robust option to choose from.
  • Get Into Academics: You can take an exclusive turn in your career in Corel Draw, by entering into academics. Academics is such a sector where you can make your career goals to a different league. The job responsibility includes training and teaching new individuals and creating robust experts in the long run. You can inspire the generation next and create experts who will be able to cater to the needs of print media in the future.

The Conclusion

Thus, the discussion above provides a complete and comprehensive idea about the options for a career in Corel Draw that one can opt after completing a curriculum.

So, if you feel you have the spark and aspire to be a part of a creative and innovative sector of work, this article is just for you. Give it a second read if you want, and enroll yourself ASAP to a credible Corel Draw course curriculum.

Wish you all the good luck.