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Web Designer Is The New Edge Course In Web Designing Segment, It Map Today Topmost New Technologies To Design Website Using HTML-5, CSS-3 & Java Script. The Course Does Not Require Any Prior Knowledge Of HTML Or Web Design. Throughout The Course Students Are Introduced To Planning And Designing Effective Web Pages; Implementing Web Pages By Writing HTML, CSS, Java Script Code; Enhancing Web Pages With The Use Of Page Layout Techniques, Text Formatting, Graphics, Images, And Multimedia; And Producing A Functional, Multi-Page Responsive Website. Upon Successful Completion Of This Course, Students Will Be Able To: Web Designers Plan, Create And Code Web Pages, Using Both Non-Technical And Technical Skills To Produce Websites That Fit The Customer's Requirements. They Are Involved In The Technical And Graphical Aspects Of Pages, Producing Not Just The Look Of The Website But Determining How It Works As Well. Web Designers Might Also Be Responsible For The Maintenance Of An Existing Site.

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  Module - I

HTML 5 is a revision of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the standard programming language for describing the contents and appearance of Web pages.HTML5 was developed to solve compatibility problems that affect the current standard, HTML4. One of the biggest differences between HTML5 and previous versions of the standard is that older versions of HTML require proprietary plugins and APIs. (This is why a Web page that was built and tested in one browser may not load correctly in another browser.) HTML5 provides one common interface to make loading elements easier. For example, there is no need to install a Flash plugin in HTML5 because the element will run by itself.One of the design goals for HTML5 is to support for multimedia on mobile devices. New syntactic features were introduced to support this, such as video, audio and canvas tags.
 Duration : 40 Hrs.
 Eligibility : Fresher 10th/10+2/Graduate


  HTML5 Forms

  HTML5 New Form Attributes

  HTML5 New Form Field Attributes

  New Form Elements

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language.With CSS, designers and users can create style sheets that define how different elements, such as headers and links, appear. These style sheets can then be applied to any Web page. The term cascading derives from the fact that multiple style sheets can be applied to the same Web page. CSS was developed by the W3C.CSS gives more control over the appearance of a Web page to the page creator than to the browser designer or the viewer.
 Duration : 30 Hrs.
 Eligibility : Fresher 10th/10+2/Graduate with HTML Skill
JavaScript is an interpreted programming or script language from Netscape. It is somewhat similar in capability to Microsoft’sVisual Basic, Sun’s Tcl, the UNIX-derived Perl, and IBM’s REXX. In general, script languages are easier and faster to code in than the more structured and compiled languages such as C and C++. Script languages generally take longer to process than compiled languages, but are very useful for shorter programs. JavaScript is used in Web site development to do such things as Automatically change a formatted date on a Web page, Cause a linked-to page to appear in a popup window, Cause text or a graphic image to change during a mouse rollover etc.
 Duration : 20 Hrs.
 Eligibility : Fresher 10th/10+2/Graduate with HTML/CSS Skill

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